About 1ty.me

1ty.me was created by the team at ApogeeInvent out of necessity. Every day we have to give or receive sensitive data. Normally this is a big ordeal as sending such valuable information over email is insecure. So we would split up our data, sending half by email and the other half by IM or phone. This was very time consuming for us so we decided to create 1ty.me, a simple short URL service for viewing self destructing notes.

1ty.me is a simple idea, destroying a note after reading it. This method has been used in countless spy movies (and one of our favorite cartoons: Inspector Gadget). But we decided to take it one step further by utilizing encryption and SSL technologies found in many of our projects. The notes you give 1ty.me are are so secure even we can not read them! Now our lives (and our clients) are just a little bit better.

For more information on how 1ty.me works visit FAQ page. Don't forget to visit our Privacy Policy page to see that we take your privacy seriously!